Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shooter's Prayer

Last week, on the Feast of St. Gabriel Possenti, I received the graphic below from Miguel over at Gun Free Zone. We had just returned from a long afternoon spent on the range in honor of the Patron Saint of Handgunners, and I found the message especially inspiring.

This provoking illustration is based on a prayer I coined a few years ago. Not only I was thrilled to see the prayer mentioned recently at both Gun Free Zone and Fill Yer Hands, but it's great to see more recognition of St. Gabriel Possenti as well.

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  1. I really hope there's not a clearing barrel at the Pearly Gate. That would suck. I want a sign proclaiming that my hobby is welcome here and directions to the range. A clearing barrel would be like I was back in Afghanistan, and I served my time in Hell.


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