Monday, February 23, 2015

A Polish Porter, Popcorn and a Movie

Saturday evening, as the day-long snowfall transitioned into freezing rain and sleet, we settled in for a family movie night. Searching the beer fridge for a suitable, cold evening ale, I selected a bottle of Black Boss Porter. The beer from Browar Witnica in Poland, was a Christmas gift from a friend.

The porter pours a deep black color with a thin beige head. Coming direct from the fridge, we let the beer warm a bit before sipping. The aroma of caramel, molasses and chocolate was surprisingly strong and quite pleasant. The flavor was mildly sweet with rich notes of dark chocolate and coffee, with a hint of smokiness. The 9.4% ABV is noticeable, providing a semblance of bourbon barrel aging to the flavor. Drinking the Black Boss Porter made me realize that it's been a while since I opened a Baltic Porter style ale. I enjoyed this one very much.

Not surprisingly, the Porter went quite well with a bowl of buttery popcorn enjoyed with the movie.

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