Monday, February 2, 2015

I Needed That Too

Each morning during the aforementioned week, I loaded my range gear in the car as I headed to work, hoping that perhaps, this day, I'd be able to sneak out for a lunchtime break. Alas, it was not to be. (Once I got as far as setting my status to away, before the phone rang.) However, on Saturday, our son had a swim meet in Manassas, so with memories of a few weeks ago, I put the gear back in the car. Just in case...

To my amazement, traffic on I-95 was amazingly light that morning, and we arrived at the swim venue with time to spare. After dropping off Colleen and our swimmer, I headed over to nearby Elite Shooting Sports. I had not been able to get in any time shooting since that range date with Colleen at the start of the month. I was sorely in need of the relaxation and diversion from the business of life that trigger time provides.

I started out with some slow fire with a couple different pistols, and then moved onto to more rapid fire. Interestingly I was getting tighter groups while shooting faster, rather than with slow, carefully aimed fire. (Thinking too hard perhaps?) I couldn't pick up the front sight in the lower indoor light as quickly as I can outdoors, but was still pleased with the hits. Due to limitations at my usual outdoor venue, I've not gotten in any rapid fire practice of late. I finished my session by burning through three full 15 round mags as fast as I could. (Talk about turning money quickly into smoke and noise.)

Boy, did it feel good to get some trigger time. I put about 250 rounds downrange. It was good practice time spent on multiple follow shots and grip consistency. And it was simply fun. Everyone deserves a little mental health fun every now and then.

Soon it was time to head back over to the swim meet. I was refreshed and ready to face the long long day ahead at the hot and humid indoor pool, perched on less than comfortable bleachers. Admittedly, I was ready for a refreshing beer by the time we got home. 

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