Friday, February 6, 2015

Ending the Week on a Loud Note

I finished up some projects at work early on Friday, and since I just happened to have my range bag in the car, I headed up to the Indoor Range for some trigger time. I briefly considered hitting the outdoor range, but that would have involved a trip home to load up more gear. And it was cold outside!

There were a few shooters on the line when I arrived. I was struck by the noise level in the range. I've never paid much attention to it, but after a few visits to Elite Shooting Sports, the lack of sound dampening at this older facility is obvious. It's not something that bothers me though. One might even consider it good conditioning to be shooting with loud guns going off around you.

I don't think it was very much warmer inside the range than out! Despite that, I had a good time putting lead downrange for a half an hour or so. And it's confirmed, the Rx in my shooting glasses is due for updating. Even so, I had few complaints about where the holes were appearing on the targets. After the busy couple of weeks at work, this was a great start to the weekend.

Now, to get this weekend really rolling, I'm sure there's new beer in the fridge I need it try out...


  1. I hear you David - no pun intended. At the indoor ranges, do you wear ear plugs and ear muffs? This can help with some of the audio but nothing is going to make the concussion less. Well... a good suppressor maybe. Also, the electronic ear muffs in the ‘affordable’ price range are a few db less in their sound reduction.

    A lot of the small ranges are going to sound louder than larger ones like NRA or Elite.

    1. I always ditch the electronic muffs for static ones at any indoor range. I'm not that bothered by the noise/concussion, just remarked on how I had never noticed it as much until a few visits to Elite. (Or maybe it was the "quiet" at Elite that I noticed.) Shooting indoors is just a "make do" until the IWL ranges here go off winter hours so working stiffs can actually use them!


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