Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Red Cup Drama

Over the past week the mainstream media has been reporting that Christians are outraged because the Starbuck's coffee chain has supposedly declared a war on Christmas. The basis of the media's claim is some self-proclaimed "American evangelist" who took offense that the seasonal cup at the coffee chain is red. That's right, red, like the vast majority of all Christmas decorations. Apparently Starbuck's removed snowflakes, polar bears, and candy canes from the cups. Well, I have news for the publicity hound who whined about this, those things aren't Christian symbols anyway.

That anyone would try to make an issue out of a red coffee cup at Christmas is unfathomable to me. Christians are losing their heads, literally, around the world over their faith, and a red cup merits outrage? Just as ridiculous is the lazy and dishonest media running with the story and making it seem like there is some massive outrage among Christians. Quite the opposite of their coverage when muslims riot and kill Christians over some perceived desecration of a book — also just another paper product.

Frankly, I haven't heard from any of my fellow Christians who have taken offense. Sure, some Christians don't patronize the chain for other reasons, but a holiday red cup isn't one of them. This media-manufactored "controversy" actually says more about the media in this country, than it does about Christians or Starbuck's.

Oh, by the way, you can still by Starbuck's Christmas Blend Coffee, Christmas-themed gift cards, and even Advent Calendars from the chain.

Am I offended by red cups? Yea, if I have to drink beer out of them.


  1. Dittos. Not hyperventalating over this one. You want snowflakes, draw them yourself.

    1. Ironic that one of the first stores in the area to decorate for the holidays was Starbuck's.


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