Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Monday Range Time

The prognosticators are predicting we'll face a late winter, or early spring depending on the timing, snow this week. It's frustrating when a range trip must be cancelled due to inclement weather. Since I have long been anticipating taking some time off work on Wednesday to spend some extended time at the range, I opted to hedge my bet and visit the range after work on Monday instead.

I didn't quite get the variety of drills I had previously anticipated, but it was a fun session nonetheless. I spent some time shooting quick body to head transitions. I noticed the faster I try to go, the lower the heat shot gets. I'll note that for more work in the future. A significant amount of time was spent shooting while holding a flashlight, as well as some strong hand only shots. As usual, I made use of the fun timed turning target too. I finished my "workout" with some slow distance shooting. Loading and shooting 200 rounds in about 30 minutes time, led to a noticeable drop in accuracy near the end. That seems to be about my limit in a sustained practice without a rest.

When leaving, I noticed this view of the flag flying high above the gun range. I couldn't help but wonder just how triggering that scene might be for passing snowflakes and other leftists. The thought gave me a smile.

My rescheduled range outing was shortened from what was originally planned. However, it so happens that March 19 is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, Patron Saint and guardian of families. The range visit seemed especially apropos for that day.

Now if it doesn't actually snow on Wednesday, maybe I'll enjoy a twofer this week.


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    1. WBISR great range with friendly staff. It's probably a good thing it's a bit of a haul for me to get there!


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