Friday, October 5, 2018

A Glock for the SIG Guy?

I was surprised to get this letter the other day informing me I had won a certificate for a Glock pistol at the IDPA Nationals.

I've never owned a Glock. I've never fired a Glock. But a free gun is a free gun! I have a few months to decide what I'd like. A big .45? Or a compact 9mm perhaps? Maybe I'll build a PCC from it.

That's two guns won now. In both cases, the prizes were outside my normal interests. At least that's a good way to try new things.

Thanks to GLOCK, Inc. for their support of IDPA.


  1. FWIW , I love my Glock 19 . 9mm, convenient to carry , and, if it's free, how can you go wrong ?

  2. Congratulations on winning two guns! As an expert shooter , this presents a great opportunity to explore new options. Whether you go for a big .45 or a compact 9mm, or even consider building a PCC, it's a chance to broaden your experience with different firearms. Enjoy your free guns and have fun discovering what works best for you!


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