Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Dunkelweizen and A Smoke

We headed over to 1781 Brewery on Sunday afternoon. I was interested in trying the Dunkelweizen I had seen mentioned on their Facebook page. After getting my beer I also checked out the humidor in the brewery picked up a Crowned Heads Le Carema cigar to enjoy as well.

Although the beer in the picture above seems to have a reddish tint with the sun shining through it, the beer was actually dark reddish-brown in color. The flavor profile had a creamy, malt base with a touch of roasted bread. At just 4.7% it was an enjoyable mid-afternoon libation. The rich leather and creamy notes of the smoke made for a perfect match.

With the time change and cooler fall weather, once the sun dropped below the trees, the temperature dropped as well. Although I was tempted to enjoy another round, of both these pleasurable treats, it was time to head off in search an early Sunday dinner to wind down the weekend.


  1. I dream of the day my taste buds return. We now have a second micro-brewery in my area and it's rumored to be good.

  2. I'd like to buy the beer when that day comes!

    (Previous comment typed before coffee.)


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