Sunday, June 11, 2023

Comments Found. Logic Missing.

Wow. Sunday morning while enjoying my coffee on the deck, I was clicking around the comments section of the Blogger admin page. I brought up the spam section in the comments page and there I saw one of my own replies to a reader's comment. "That's odd," I thought, especially since I commented as the logged in owner of these Musings. I get an email anytime someone comments, at least that's what is configured in the settings. The more I scrolled through pages and pages of "spam" comments, I came across more of the same. Most of the spam comments are indeed spam, but I saw a lot my own replies, and even a bunch of comments from friends -- all awaiting release.

It's logic only a Google engineer would understand. Why they send an email stating a comment been posted, but make no mention that they randomly held it for moderation or flagged it as spam? Or why would my own comments to my posts would require moderation -- by me!?!

I've released a bunch of those mis-flagged comments, but I also finally deleted all the old stuff. I'll pay closer attention going forward. My apologies to those who took the time to comment, but never saw their comments posted.


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