Friday, June 30, 2023

Range Outing

Whenever I drive over to the range it's a bit of a gamble if at least one of the two pistol bays will be open. Last week I was shut out when I got there, and other factors prevented a return attempt. This week my luck was much better. 

This outing was not all that different than previous ones in activity. The 'stand and shoot two shots' rule limit the variety of drills beyond varying distance and aim point. However, there's always the joy of the simple diversion of shooting so it's not all bad. Coincidently I happened to see a video of me shooting at last weekend's IDPA match and, among other faults, noticed a proclivity to not having my gun up and aiming when I arrive at a shooting position. I'll have to work on fixing that in a dry fire movement rather than at the range.

I fired the majority of my shots from the 10 yard line. My intent was concentrating on trigger press, and ease in gathering brass at the end. Various combinations of head and body shots from the draw used up the first 80 rounds fired.

I only load a 2 or 3 magazines with just 10 rounds at a time in order to slow down consumption, and to not fatigue my finger too quickly. Despite that, I started noticing some drift after a bit. So I moved to extra slow drills. I had told myself last weekend I wanted to do bit of practice at longer distance so I hung a fresh target at 35 yards. I only fired 10 rounds at that distance since I was walking down range every 2 shots to check the results. There's still work be done, but all shots made the -1 zone at worse.

Back to 10 yards for a 10 shot round shooting strong hand only. That was followed by 10 weak hand only shots at 7 yards.  

The results were better than I had actually expected. Certainly nothing I generally see in matches, although my SHO shooting has admittedly improved in recent months. A few more outings like this would be a confidence booster at least.

Too soon the fun was over and it was time to pick up brass and return to my day job. Now I begin looking forward to the next outing.


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