Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Morning Range Time

It's a been a few weeks since I escaped to the range for trigger time diversions. I drove to the park last week, but found no open bays and had to leave unfulfilled. With daily rain predicted for the week, Tuesday morning offered a brief opportunity before the expected afternoon rain. Fortunately my schedule supported heading out before lunch. 

When I went to the safe to retrieve the firearm, my old SIG P226 was looking out at me and seemed to be begging for attention. So I grabbed it as well, along with the appropriate magazines. It would be interesting to shoot the DA/SA pistol after several years of shooting the P320 double action (DAO) design exclusively.

The skies threatened rain and I thought perhaps that would keep range attendance down, but when I arrived the rifle range and one pistol bay were already occupied. I grabbed the second pistol location, just in time, and I saw several vehicles drive in and exit soon afterwards, their turn to be disappointed in finding no open bays. The bay was muddy from the previous day's rain but useable.

I started out with the P226. I had reverted the sights on that gun to the stock SIG Night Sights a while back, and the big fat front post was a shock after using narrow fiber optics sights for so long. Despite the post covering a large target area, even at 10 yards, surprisingly I had no issues with it or the double to single action trigger press. Granted I was shooting slowly, but the resulting tight grouping was pleasing to see.

After a short bit, I switched to the P320 that I planned to shoot at this weekend's IDPA match. But I also gave thought to mixing it up and shooting the P226 this weekend, fat sights and all. I just may do that later this summer.

The rest of the time was spent in a mixture of shots at the 10, 15 and 25 yard positions. The two closer distances included head shots in the mix. I'm still trying to get more consistency dialed in, especially when rapidly moving from body to head. 

Alas, before my container of ammo had run out I received an urgent message from a team member who was having anxiety over some configuration changes I requested from the group. A screen share was in order so I finished shooting and packed for home. At least that was of benefit for another shooter who arrived and was able to claim the bay I was leaving.


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