Monday, January 8, 2024

Cold Night Bourbon and Cigar

Why is it the short weeks always seem the longest? After a "long" and busy post-vacation week, the weekend provided the long-awaited chance to enjoy another bourbon and cigar pairing. Despite the temperature barely breaking above freezing, I looked forward to the deck time. 

The cool night required a little extra "internal heat" so I chose the 1792 Fool Proof from Barton Distillery. This bottle, purchased in February 2022, is a VA ABC "pick." 1792 Full Proof is bottled at a hefty 125 proof. Poured into a Glencairn glass, the high proof is evident in the nose. Under that I can detect oak, white fruit, and a sweetness that reminds me of a morning pastry.

Sipping, the alcohol burn is immediately evident, but at the same time, quite manageable. I also get toasted oak, butterscotch, and a hint of mint and anise. There's also a fruity aspect underneath it all. I was reminded of a fruit-filled pastry, one with a touch of icing. (Perhaps I was just hungry.) I was actually surprised at how easy this one is to drink. It's quite flavorful, so much so that I must remain vigilant not to consume it too fast. Although I did top off my glass a time or two -- did I mention it was cold outside?

I selected cigar I had picked up only a few weeks ago, the Villiger San'Doro Colorado in Robusto. It's a cigar that has been around for many years. I came across mention of it online a few months ago, and the reviews sounded interesting. The 5 x 50 stick has a slightly rough, medium brown Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. Filler and binder tobaccos are from Nicaragua.

The cigar was packed tightly and the draw was somewhat restricted through the first half. The flavor profile was medium, with typical cigar notes of cedar, tobacco, and mild spice. The smoke had a creamy aspect with a bit of sweetness to balance. The cigar required frequent double and triple puffs to keep up smoke production. It never went out, but I did take the lighter to it at one point when the smoke production began to wane. I attribute these issues to the cold and the short, one month humidor time.

The cold was somewhat kept at bay by the propane heater, and an infrared lamp, though I did resort to gloves as well. I felt the creamy aspect of the smoke served to somewhat mediate the heat of the bourbon. I enjoyed this bourbon and cigar pairing. I especially look forward to enjoying more of the 1792 Full Proof bourbon in the very near future.


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