Thursday, January 25, 2024

Room 101 Snake Shake Cigar and Old Elk Bourbon

It had been more than a week since a relaxing cigar found its way onto the schedule. But finally, a free evening at home, and somewhat moderate weather prevailed. Looking through the humidor I noticed I still had cigars from the monthly Luxury Cigar Club packages waiting to be explored. I grabbed an unfamiliar cigar one called the Room 101 Snake Shake. The gold embossed band inspired me to grab a somewhat color-coordinated bottle of Old Elk Cognac Cask Finish Bourbon.

The 6 x 50 Toro had been resting in the humidor since November. The blend is a shiny Nicaraguan puro sporting a dark chocolate color wrapper. The wrapper is oily with a sort of "smooth roughness" to it. It was an attractive roll and gave a hint of a bold, enjoyable smoke to come.

The first puffs on the cigar provided an eye-opening blast of pepper spice. After a few minutes the spiciness was balanced by other flavor notes. Rich coffee and the bitterness of dark chocolate come into play. Earth and leather provided background notes. The cigar is full bodied and flavorful, yet manageable. The Snake Shake is a Luxury Cigar Club exclusive and I expect I'll soon be ordering a few more. This will be a great late night smoke with bourbon come the warmer months especially.

The Old Eld Cognac Cask Finish turned out to be a good match for the cigar. The bourbon is aged for at least five years in Limousin oak casks, after which it is finished in cognac casks for 10 months. The aroma is sweet with the 109.7 proof whispering its presence.  Upon sipping, sweet raison and apple notes predominate, along with caramel and oak. The proof shows in the finish with a mild spicy heat, which provides a small extra "oomph" without being overpowering.

The cigar burned perfectly, giving an 80 minute smoke. The sweet and mildly warm bourbon provided a nice foil for the pepper of the smoke. Nothing disappointing to be said about the pairing at all.


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