Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Smoking a Powstanie Broadleaf and Enjoying the Snowfall

Two words I don't often in the same sentence, snowfall and enjoy. But the first snow of 2024 provided some enjoyable moments. Though the needle on the thermometer was hovering right around 30°, I fired up the heater and lit a Powstanie Broadleaf Corona Gorda. The little alcohol fire pit provided some extra warmth for my hand holding the cigar. The other one remained in my coat pocket.

The Powstanie Broadleaf Corona Gorda has been in the humidor since last May and smoked very well, despite the cold, dry air. The combination of a broadleaf maduro wrapper, Indonesian binder, and fillers of EstelĂ­ ligero, Jalapa and Pueblo Nuevo tobaccos made for a flavorful smoke. Flavors of creamy chocolate and wood, along with some pepper and cedar was a nice pairing to a warm coffee.

As I sat and enjoyed the smoke, I was struck by the awesome silence that accompanied the winter weather, No cars on the nearby street, no leaf blowers or chainsaws, not even the sounds of wildlife moving in the woods. If the storm continues through the night and into the next day, I suspect there could be chainsaws and even generators providing the background noise in days to come. But for now, all is quiet.


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