Saturday, May 4, 2024

Cigar Lounge - Rinse and Repeat

Another Friday evening and I opted once again to have a cigar at the brewery cigar lounge. Though I have beer, cigars, and even whiskey at home, the change of pace and chance to chat with other beer and cigar fans prompted my visit.

Coincidently there was a Civil War reenactment event taking place this weekend at the brewery. There was a large and growing crowd of "blue and gray" participants milling about. The main events were to take place on Saturday and Sunday, but the reenactors were camping for the weekend. Many drank their beer from their tin cups, and I saw some even resorting to matches (outdoors!) to light cigars and pipes. Most were not to bound to avoiding those anachronisms.

I broke from my usual cigar-friendly porters and stouts to enjoy the 1781 Brewing Boogie Water Pale Ale. The 5.5% ABV ale has a juicy citrus profile that is both flavorful and refreshing. As I recall the brewery releases it each Spring, but I  have never tried it. I did rather enjoy it.

I grabbed what's becoming a somewhat regular cigar for me when I visit the Olde Towne Tobacconist brewery lounge, the Veritas 412. I have some of these at home as well, but still gravitate to them when walking the humidor.

Maybe it's the dark Pennsylvania Maduro wrapper I see. Perhaps the San Andrés binder and Nicaraguan Double Ligero and Pennsylvania fillers that attracts. Whatever the reason, the full flavored smoke with semi-sweet chocolate, black pepper, and roasted nuts is a favorite.

As the sun set, I moved inside where the wood stove had been lit. I was feeling relaxed and enjoying conversation. The pleasant setting mandated a refill of my mug and another cigar. I lit up a Micallef A to carry me into the late evening. This is a "brick and mortar" only cigar, the company opting to cease selling via mail order houses. I hadn't had one for some four years. No pictures were taken so I'll save that tale for another day.


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