Friday, May 10, 2024

Toscano Antico and Espresso

I enjoyed a fun "Italian" dessert after dinner this week. I had the urge to enjoy one of the Toscano cigars I brought back from Italy last fall. An espresso seemed fitting to go along.

The Toscano Antica is a 6 x 38 cheroot slim panatela with a very rustic appearance. The cigars are dry rolled and do not require storage in a humidor. The wrapper is fired cured Kentucky tobacco and the filler is blend of USA and Italian tobaccos. There is no binder leaf. This is the classic Clint Eastwood Western movie cigar.

The Toscano Antica has a strong wood fire aroma even before lighting. The flavors when smoking bring to mind smoky BBQ with some sweetness added in. Despite the rough, dry appearance the burn has no issues and gave about a 40 minute smoke. That was plenty of time for a couple of double espressos.

I do enjoy these cigars on occasion. Fortunately Tuscano packages them for export and they can be had, rather inexpensively, from many online retailers.


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