Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Sagradi Lilith With My Morning Coffee

I enjoy coffee with a cigar fairly regularly. It's usually as part of an afternoon pick me up. Although often craved, having the time to linger in the morning is an infrequent pleasure. (Though that schedule restriction will soon be a thing of the past.) 

This past weekend, on a cool morning, I had the pleasure of a leisurely smoke with my mug(s) of hot coffee. The Sagrado Lilith Petit Corona was my choice for this repast.

The roughly rolled 5 x 43 stick features a light brown Ecuadorian wrapper, with Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. The cigar was part of the December 2023 Luxury Cigar Club shipment. It's been resting for about five months, while I awaited a fitting coffee moment. The medium bodied smoke has balanced notes of black pepper and cinnamon, along with a hay and floral presence.

I've lamented in the past that finding cigars that are well-suited to pairing with black coffee, for me, has been a challenge. It seems from recent experience, that the secret is found in cigars featuring Dominican tobaccos. True or just recency effect, the Salgado Lilith was a truly enjoyable accompaniment for the morning caffeine dose.


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