Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bottle Opener At The Ready

I've kept a bottle opener on my keychain for years. There was one time many years ago when I was stuck in a hotel room with no opener, and vowed that would never happen again. And have you ever noticed there always seems to be a line at the party beer cooler waiting to use the lone opener? (In all honesty, I've never figured out the belt buckle trick.)

There are options to keep an opener handy of course. We've previously looked at this iPhone case with the built-in bottle opener. Now a creative iPod owner has realized that Apple actually provides a bottle opener with its portable products.

Credit for this goes to @EvaZebra on Twitter. And thanks to Al over at Hop Talk for bringing it to our attention.


  1. Pretty clever. I wonder how well that works.

  2. A lighter or closed folding knife make excellent bottle openers. Failing that, the edge of the coffee table in a hotel room work fine!


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