Thursday, May 24, 2012

Local Rag's Gun Bias Shows

There was a tragic and fatal shooting in our area Tuesday. A homeless person used a knife to attack an innocent person and was killed when the victim shot him in self defense. The shooter was sitting in a car with a friend when the homeless man requested money from the couple and was refused. He left only to return a short time later to attack his intended victims with a knife. The man in the car retrieved his legally possessed handgun and used it in defense of his life. In reporting the story, our local newspaper let its bias show with this headline:

That's right, the editors of this paper stated clearly their opinion that the "slaying" was the result of a "snub." They focus the blame of this death on the victim of an assault. It's apparently not clear to the editors that the tragic death of the homeless person was the result of him assaulting someone with a knife. In addition, throughout the article, the person killed in the commission of a crime is referred to as the victim. In unbiased reporting, the "victim" is the person against whom a crime was committed. No charges were filed against the shooter, who did not commit any crime in defending himself. The person killed was the assailant, not the victim.

I wonder if the Free Lance-Star would consider placing the blame for a rapist's death on the woman who defended herself against a sexual assault. The bias of this paper doesn't really come as a surprise. This is the same group that uses it's liberal recklessness to endanger the lives of gun owners by publishing the addresses of conceal carry permit holders.

An online report of this incident, without the inaccurate and biased headline, is posted here.


  1. Sounds like they need a little awakening campaign. Hit 'em in the pocketbook.

  2. I agree. Start telling local businesses that advertise with the paper that you will no longer be one of their customers because of the papers slant.

  3. The editors of the FLS are so confident of their "reporting" that whenever you see an ad for the paper the only thing they promote is many coupons are in the paper. They don't even try to tout their reporting.

  4. First I've heard of the incident.
    Been working too much. I should pay more attention.

    The FLS, always good for those times when your blood pressure is too low.


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