Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Range Fun

On the day dedicated to honoring those who died protecting our freedoms, our family decided to celebrate one of our basic freedoms by spending the afternoon at the range. It was especially fun for me as our son joined us. He's usually busy with school work or other interests so we've not enjoyed his company at the range for far too long. I'm proud to say he's still quite competent with a handgun. We were also joined by a good friend and regular shooting companion who was visiting for the holiday celebration.

Both pistol ranges were occupied when we arrived so we started with a bit of shotgun work. We shot at some static clays and ran some one-on-one challenges to see who could clear their clays first. There's some work to be done there; I'm not as accurate when I'm racing.

A pistol range cleared and we set up four target stands and worked on various drills, both standing and moving. The training target "Buddy" was along to offer a bit of reality too. We shot at him from behind cover, and also used him as a "good guy" and engaged paper targets set up behind him. He was a good sport about the whole thing. I was happy that my son got to experience a bit of "reality" shooting.

I also tried out the Combat Focus Shooting iPhone app to run some drills. I'll post a review of that soon.

Some hypocrites spent the day giving lip service to our fallen heroes, while they themselves are working to restrict the freedoms those men and women died defending. Our day at the range was good fun, but also a reminder that we are facing a critical point in history when our rights are being challenged on so many fronts.

Confirmed. I'm glad I didn't buy a compact car.


  1. Sounds like there was much shooty goodness for you the last few days.

    1. Indeed we did, indeed we did. And looking forward to USPSA this weekend!


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