Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun With Logos

Photo by Colleen
Before attending the Evening Parade at Marine Barracks, Washington Friday evening, we had an enjoyable dinner at Molly Malone's across the street from the Barracks. Colleen ordered one of her favorite beers, Allagash White, served in a lovely Allagash glass. A friend ordered a Magner's Cider, served in a Magner's branded glass. I opted for a Victory Hop Devil, served in a Yuengling glass. Hey! Don't I get a cool glass with the Victory logo? Just kidding, I can't imagine trying to keep the proper logos pint glass available for every draft beer, but my dining partners took pride in their "special glasses." We had a laugh over our son's order of water being served in a Coors Blue Moon logo glass.

I accompanied my beer with the pub's Spicy Shrimp Mac & Cheese, made with Tiger Shrimp, chili peppers, cheddar, jack, & parmesan cheese. It was an tasty twist on the classic dish. The mac & cheese has a pretty good "kick" to it, but nothing that couldn't be cured by another round of Hop Devil, this time served in a Blue Moon glass. (Okay, that's just wrong.)

After dinner we relaxed over coffee before heading over to the Barracks and enjoying a very impressive display of Marine Corps music and precision drills. 


  1. The beers sound delic. I have never enjoyed cheese with seafood for some reason, but the Mac and cheese sounds interesting.

    1. AGirl, I ordered the M&C on a whim. Even though I'm a spicy food fanatic, I wasn't sure. But it was quite good. Molly Malone's does good wings too!


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