Monday, July 16, 2012

New Virginia Brewery Planting Hops

Another upcoming addition to the roster of Virginia breweries is "digging in" in a big way.
The latest entrant into Richmond’s growing craft beer scene hopes its name is one people will remember. 
Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, a fledgling farm brewery about seven miles west of the Goochland County Courthouse, hopes to open early next year. 
Founder Sean-Thomas Pumphrey is working to get the brewery up and running on his family’s 221-acre farm. After he gets through the county zoning process and all the other state and federal hoops and red tape, he plans to build a 4,100-square-foot building and model the brewery after a Virginia-style horse farm.

Pumphrey is busy planting a hops field at his farm. Eventually he'll have an acre of hops planted, which he'll be able to use in his beers in about three years.

Photo from brewery Facebook page

You can view more pictures of the hops field at the brewery's Facebook page.
See "Brewery hopes to fill a hole in the market" for more information.

H/T to @VA_Beergeek.


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