Monday, February 1, 2016

Fixing Monday: Range Trip

Despite the near 70° temperatures today, the outdoor range remains closed. Since I've been itching to get in some trigger time, I had to break down and make a lunch time visit to a local indoor range. I'm typically weary of the indoor facility due to not being able to see what the other folks are doing. Fortunately there were only two other lanes in use, and both appeared to be occupied by experienced shooters giving lessons to new shooters. I was able to concentrate on enjoying the distraction of shooting.

Looking through my shooting journal, I realized it had been almost a year to the day since I last visited this range. This would be the first time shooting indoors since I put the fiber front sight on the gun. It was also the first time shooting indoors since I stopped wearing the Rx shooting glasses. Both of these changes could have an effect on shooting in the low light conditions. Despite the target itself being blurry, I was pretty happy with how I shot. I was drifting to the left a bit, but that's not an unusual issue, otherwise the groups were passable. (More dry fire would probably help with that.)

After firing off 100 rounds, in a very short time, it was back to work. The quick lunch time run was a bonus to what was otherwise just another Monday. Perhaps I should make this a regular thing — I hardly ever leave my desk for lunch so any excursion would be a treat.


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