Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Flying Dog HBC-291

After a fun but frustrating IDPA match Saturday, I looked to improve the day by watching a movie with my lovely wife and sipping on a strong beer. I knew I had a sample of Flying Dog Single Hop HBC-291 Imperial IPA in the fridge. Having had a number of the brewery's Single Hop beers in the past, I assumed it would be another mouth and mind numbing beverage — just the ticket for that Saturday evening. I hadn't even planned to spend time making notes for a review, until I took a sip. Then I grabbed a quick photo and paid more attention.

Single Hop NBC-291 pours a bright orange color with a similarly bright white head. Somewhat floral, the aroma has notes of citrus, tropical fruit and caramel. The flavor is mildly sweet but not syrupy; I expected more cloying syrup. The caramel sweetness is joined by mild citrus fruit, backed up by an earthy tone.

I was surprised by this beer. It was less jarring than previous offerings in the Single Hop series. Previous ales in the series checked in at a noticeable 10% ABV. At a comparatively mild 8% ABV, HBC-291 was a surprising, though not at all disappointing offering. When my glass was empty I was somewhat dismayed to not have another bottle standing by.

This bottle of tasty brew was an unsolicited review sample from the brewery. The drinking was done of my own free will.

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