Monday, February 15, 2016

Adventure Brewing "South"

The Blue & Gray brewpub reopened this weekend after some renovation and under new ownership. The brewery is under transformation into a new home for Adventure Brewing. The new owners are still getting things in place at the new location, but eventually their main beer production will take place at this new location, while the original location in Stafford will remain open and produce small batch and experimental beers.

Colleen and I stopped by on Saturday to check out the progress, and new pub menu. The food menu is simplified, and in a welcome change, features what I call "pub grub." There are seven appetizers, some salads, a burger selection, and a few other sandwiches. One thing we often lament at our favorite watering holes and is the absence of simple foods to enjoy with our beers, so were happy to see this new menu. We ordered only a plate of "Jumbo Nachos Grande" this visit.

Juxtaposition of the Old and the New.
During this transitional period, the beers being offered are the Blue & Gray beers. Soon new production will be ramped up and the Adventure beers will flow at the new location. They will continue to produce the classic Blue & Gray favorites as well. During this visit I enjoyed a tasty Red IPA while Colleen sipped a Fred Red Ale.

There was a good sized crowd visiting the pub on a Saturday afternoon. Colleen and I enjoyed our visit very much. The original Adventure Brewing location is a bit far away for us to visit as frequently as we'd like, however we regularly visit the pubs in downtown Fredericksburg. Adventure Brewing "South" is located just a slight detour off our usual route, so I know we'll be stopping in regularly.

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