Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tomorrow Could Get Interesting

The peaceful transition of power is one of the cherished hallmarks of this great country. But there are those walking among us who don't believe in such a freedom and resort to third-world tactics. Anarchists and other thugs are planning massive violence during the inauguration. The left has been showing its violent nature all through the election process, and their depravity may come to a head on Friday. We should pray they prove to be all talk and no action. Security will be tight around the Capitol and National Mall, but it's probably a good idea to stay alert and prepared wherever you are in the coming days.

I wonder if the mentally ill liberals at the State Department were successfully treated. At least they won't have to show up for work on Friday.


  1. It's more than a little tiresome. The mask is off.There's a naughty part of me hoping for a few busted agitator heads.

    1. I hear you. I'm feeling more than a little schadenfreude at their antics.

      Oh happy day!


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