Friday, December 28, 2007

Aargh! Promoting Iced Beer

I came across this humorous ad for The Chillster Refreezable Pint today. The Chillster pint is a plastic cup that can be re-frozen and is marketed as "Keeping Beer Cold and the Planet Cool!." The web page states:
Switch to The Chillster Refreezable Pint. It will keep your drink ice cold and help save the environment.

These Chillster Refreezable Pints are the only pints that keep your drink ice cold... without the ice. Our patent pending design uses non-toxic, refreezable ice crystals to surround your drink, keeping it frosty cold for hours.
Don't you have to use energy to freeze the Chillster before you use it? Wouldn't that use more energy resources than not over-chilling your beer glass in the first place? I actually doubt that anyone drinking a beer they want served ice cold would be nursing the drink for hours.

The web site also makes the claim that "Americans use more than 110 BILLION disposable cups each year!" Okay, I'm all for not drinking beer out of a disposable cup. So why use more energy to "freeze" a plastic cup? Let me have a reusable glass and not use that extra energy to over-chill the beer.
Scientifically designed to keep your drink cold while hands stay warm.
No gloves are needed to hold a proper non-frosted glass in the first place. (In fact, I don't actually know anyone who needs gloves to hold a frosted beer mug.)

In actuality, if someone wants to drink their Coors or other mega-beer out of a frozen mug that's probably good since they might not like what they tasted otherwise. Unfortunately, this misconception has a way of causing good beers to be served under poor conditions or other abuses. It's all too funny in a sad way.


  1. I'm with you on the abomination that is chilled beer David. Good beer is perfect at cellar cool. As you rightly say, you need to be able to taste it.

  2. It would be nice if beer makers published their "optimal" temperature on the side of the bottle. I know some beer makers, like Chimay, do this. I think it might also help to pull beer out of the "Joe 6 pack NASCAR" crowd.

  3. That's some good information. I will take heed and spread the word.


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