Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brooklyn Lager - A Real American Lager

Brooklyn Lager is Brooklyn Brewery's most popular beer yet I had never tried it. I finally picked up a six pack of Brooklyn's flagship brew the other day. Turns out this is no stereotypical American lager and is quite a treat.

The beer pours a dark amber color with a thick white head. There's plenty of lacing left on the sides of the glass even after the head fades. Immediately noticeable is the floral hop aroma. There's some a caramel malt aroma coming through as well. The taste is clean with a light piney hop at the start, followed by a well-balanced malt backbone. There's a slight bitterness at the end but the malt dominates. Brooklyn Lager is dry-hoped which contributes to the fresh, clean hop aroma and taste. I wasn't expecting the hop presence to be as strong as it was and was pleasantly surprised by this. Brooklyn Lager is a lager with a bit of a Pale Ale personality. Overall, I found this to be a well-done beer that easy to drink and is quite refreshing. The 5.2% ABV would make the beer easily sessionable.

The label states this is "The Pre-Prohibition Beer". If this is what American beer tasted like pre-prohibition, it's even more obvious that the "American Lager" style is not what many people typically think. This is not an extreme beer, but there's nothing lacking in it either. This is one of those beers that we should probably keep on hand.

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