Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Capital Ale House Update - Tentative Opening Date Set

The new Capital Ale House location in Fredericksburg has a tentative opening date of October 31. Readers will recall that the incentives granted by the City of Fredericksburg require Capital Ale House to be open by November 1, so it does seem to be coming down to the wire. Most of the renovation and construction is complete and the focal point bar is going in this week.

The management is anticipating a "very limited opening" so don't expect any sort of grand opening celebration right away. This is a new location, with new staff and no staff available to transfer from their other locations. So relax and have a beer while the staff gets into their groove. I'll see you there.

Update, October 31: I stopped by CAH today and saw a lot of interesting beer being carried in. Alas, the opening is now set for Monday, November 3.


  1. David,
    What is the address for the Freddy B Cap Ale House?

  2. Scott, the Cap Ale House is at 917 East Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg.

  3. Went there last night, loved it!! My new favorite beer "Purple Haze" nice. They opened this morning at 11am.

  4. Yep, they opened at 11am and I had lunch there at 11:30!

    I expect many more lunches there. :-)


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