Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dogfish Head iPhone App - AleBoards

AleBoards is a free application for the iPhone that keeps tabs on your local DogFish Head Alehouse. When launched, the app downloads the photographs of the chalkboards that are posted on the restaurant's website. The chalkboards list the current tap selections. There are two Dogfish Head Alehouse locations, one in Gaithersburg, MD and the other Falls Church, VA. You can switch between locations with the tap of a button.

This application might be of interest only to those living near the restaurants, but it's an interesting and fun way to promote the beer nonetheless.

Download AleBoards.
Thanks to FABTS member James for the pointer via the club's mailing list.


  1. this is off topic. but, has anyone else besides me seen this great Obama Irish drinking song video?:

  2. Ok, I have a great APP idea here. Instead of an app locked into one brand of brew house, wouldn't it be great to have an app that let you view the ale boards of any place (maybe have it snag the closest by GPS location). Boards could be updated by users taking a cell phone picture of the board? I'd love to know what's on tap at say South Street Brewery in Charlottesville, or our own The Pub.

    Of course, this APP would need to be an iPhone app AND a blackberry app, because I need to use it too.

  3. Bryan, that's a cool idea. Sort of a social network revolving around chalkboards. :-)

  4. Although this App is irrelevant for 98% of Dogfish Head drinkers, its development is ingenious. The fact that Dogfish Head has done this service for its clients shows how savvy they are about their consumers. Not to mention, his wife Marnie is also on Twitter as @dogfish_head. Business owners who not only acknowledge, but also use social media tools are SMART. Kudos to DFH! Thanks for the post!

    The Beer Wench

  5. Marnie is actually on Twitter as @dogfishbeer


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