Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fredericksburg Pub To Become Park Lane Tavern

I've heard the rumors, but today the news was confirmed. The Fredericksburg Pub will soon become an independent operation called Park Lane Tavern. The management and employees will stay in place, according to an email from Fredericksburg Pub.
Between June 27th and June 30th the name of this establishment will change to Park Lane Tavern. In addition to the name change, you will notice exciting enhancements to our food and beverage offerings, which we know will add to your overall dining pleasure. We look forward to providing the same upscale service you have always enjoyed as ownership, management and staff remains in place.
The food and beverage menu is said to be "expanded beyond Britain to encompass all of Europe." The new food menu is posted here. I've found the beer selection at the Fredericksburg Pub to be interesting, but somewhat limited. I look forward to seeing what additions or changes they offer under the new theme.

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  1. It will be just a name change. The same great place that I remember during those swing out Friday nights.


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