Saturday, June 4, 2011

Session #52 - Beer Collectibles & Breweriana

I've been remiss in keeping up with The Session, however the fifty-second episode caught my eye. This month's Session is hosted by Brian Stechschulte at All Over Beer. The chosen topic is Beer Collectibles & Breweriana. Brian writes:
So what old or new beer related items do you collect and why? It’s that simple. This is your opportunity to share the treasured objects your wife or husband won’t let you display on the fireplace mantle. You don’t need to be a major collector like this guy to participate. In my mind, just a few items constitute a collection. Maybe you have mementos from a beer epiphany or road trips? You can focus on a whole collection or tell the story behind a single item.
I opted to focus on the "new beer related items" for my post. For several years I've been saving beer bottles. Unlike the beer can collection I built as a kid, I was able to actually consume the contents in building this collection. I can't explain this compulsion, I keep telling myself I'll soak off the labels someday and to store in albums that take up much less room. But that hasn't happened. There are over 400 bottles now, and with each addition that task gets more daunting. I do enjoy looking through the bottles on occasion. Many of them bring back memories of friends, trips, or other good times. Even the ones from beers enjoyed at home often bring back memories of holidays or good foods enjoyed. In some cases I can trace changes in labels or brewery ownership.

I won't keep the assemblage forever. The shelves are filling (not to mention in need of dusting.) But, as long as there's room to squeeze in another bottle, it will keep likely growing.

Update: The Session roundup is posted here.

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  1. When it comes time to peal the labels off, try using the oven set at 200 degrees for 20 or more minutes. I find it works for about two thirds of them. The glue heats up and they're easy to get. Thanks for participating in this month's edition of the Session.


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