Saturday, August 27, 2011

Devils Backbone To Be Distributed in Richmond

Well, it's not Fredericksburg, but getting closer. is reporting the Devils Backbone Brewery beers will soon be distributed in Richmond, VA.
Beer from the Devil's Backbone Brewing Company, one of Virginia's most well-known and respected breweries, will soon be available in Richmond. Starting in January, Virginia craft beer lovers can buy Devil's Backbone beer here—as well as at their brewpub in Roseland, where it's currently available.
I'm sure the beers will show up throughout the Old Dominion eventually. The Roseland-based brewery is building a production brewery in Rockbridge County to support wider distribution.

The article goes on the explain how Virginia craft beers are expanding their reach in Richmond. That's more great news for the excellent beers being produced in Virginia. To quote Jacob Brunow, craft and import manager for Brown Distributing, "These beers are delicious, and they sell themselves once you try them." I agree completely.

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