Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pub Food Is Good Food

But we knew that already, right? A writer for the local Free Lance-Star recently published his "bucket list" of 20 places one must eat in the Fredericksburg area. I wasn't surprised at all to see both of Fredericksburg's brew pubs making the cut.

At number 14, is the Cheddar-JalepeƱo Burger from Lee's Retreat at the Blue & Gray Brewery. I've written about this scrumptious burger previously. The burgers at Lee's Retreat are all delicious, but this one may be my favorite.

Also making the list, at number 17, are the Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Cream Dip at The Pub, home of Battlefield Brewing Company. The Pub is also serves a very respectable burger, which I've frequently enjoyed, but I have to admit, I've never had their Sweet Potato Fries. That's something I'll need to rectify sooner rather than later.

Few things make for a more enjoyable dining out experience than fresh brewed beer and good pub grub. It's not unexpected that two local brew pubs made this list.

See "Writer creates 'bucket list' of area's tempting tastes" for the complete list of must-try foods around Fredericksburg. And then get tasting!


  1. Completely unrelated note:

    You need to blog out when you're going to shooting competitions BEFORE you actually go.
    That way, we can come and watch.
    (Even when you pull a boner....Just caught your latest video on Youboob)

    After the storm. Thinking about those sweet potato fries and sour cream dip at The Pub. Are they open Sunday night?

  2. Good news, The Pub is open every day.

  3. I love sweet potatoes but I have yet to have a basket of sweet potato fries I've liked, including at The Pub.

    I think I just want someone to make them with butter and cinnamon/brown sugar instead of salt. :)


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