Saturday, January 21, 2012

Incompetent Working For Useless

"All of my senior managers are paper pushers. They won't be able to help you."

Verizon had just accidentally canceled one of my phone lines and informed me that it can't be reinstated due to FCC regulations. That's the response I got from a phone support supervisor when I asked to speak to a senior manager.

That's probably right out of the Communications Workers of America union handbook.


  1. Oh. I thought you were talking about the Obama/Biden ticket...

  2. I had an issue with Verizon back when they were forced to share ports on their copper switches in the early days of DSL (this is no longer required by law). Because I was a customer of another ISP, this meant Verizon had to hand over a port to a competitor.... WHICH THEY HATED. They initially reported that I was over 15,000 feet from the Central Office and therefore would not be able to get DSL.... which was odd, because as the crow flies I was only 3,000 feet from the CO. They wouldn't listen when I asked them to rerun the distance test. So I faxed a complaint to the State Corporation Commission (Virginia's public utility oversight department), and magically within 24 hours the amount of copper between my house and the CO dropped by 12,000 feet.

  3. Not my first experience with Verizon:

    TC, now THAT'S funny. :-)


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