Friday, January 6, 2012

Water Cooler Cannon

Ssshh. Don't tell the nannies. We've already seen what happens when they see someone misuse a household object as a weapon. Just look to Illinois, where trying to fix a clogged drain now requires a photo ID and your name recorded in a database. If the guardians of the nanny state realize that there's a cannon that will fire common water cooler bottles they just might break out in hives.


  1. Cool. Think I'll pick up one these at the next gun show, along with a few of those grenades I keep meaning to buy.

  2. You'll notice two primary differences: 1) these aren't home-fabricated, like potato guns or Menthos-Diet Coke rockets; and 2) they cheat by attaching something to the front/top of the projectile bottle. I'd like to see what the results would be for a full plastic or glass bottle without said attachment--just for the spectacle, naturally.

  3. Naturally. ;-)

    I would suspect the pumpkin' chuckin' folks could do as well, if not better.


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