Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Better Beer Head?

We know that the carbonation in beer is a vector to release the flavor. That's why I typically employ a hard pour to create tall head when I'm enjoying a good beer. Some specialized glasses, like the ones from Sam Adams or Chimay even have "nucleation sites" in their bases to help release more carbonation.

According to this site, the Japanese like a large head on their beer. And some entrepreneurs have taken the creation of beer head to a new level.
Yes, though in other less enlightened countries, foam at the top of the beer is typically seen as a ploy by mean bartenders ripping off unwitting patrons, in Japan, a frothy head is absolutely expected as a vital part of a beer's refreshing taste! And you'll be surprised, that first sip through the froth really does quench your thirst more, especially on a hot summer day.
Watch the video.

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