Monday, July 30, 2012

Run. Hide. Fight.

More pablum courtesy of your tax dollars. "Run. Fight. Hide." is a DHS funded public (dis)service video on how to survive an active shooter situation. Watch. Discussion below.

The narrator begins by telling us "the authorities are working hard protecting you." Then they illustrate with an unarmed "security" guard. No gun, no baton, no pepper spray, not even a radio. He doesn't even notice the shooter dressed distinctly differently from the rest of the people. Sadly, this simulation is representative of the "security theatre" that is presented as "homeland security" today. 

Ironically, the building used in the video is marked as a "gun free zone." At least DHS admits that such places are not made any safer for having hung that sign on the door. (I suspect somebody at HQ is not happy with that slip.)

The admonitions to "run away" and "hide" are all that the government has left as an option for so many people in so many situations. But what happens when running away isn't possible? "Hide" is often another word for "wait to be killed." These directions are combined with the old saw to "call 911." That call won't help you at this critical moment. 911 is a reporting service, not a defensive tool. Typically the killing is over by the time the first responders arrive.

The irony peaks with the command to "fight." The shooter has a shotgun. The victims have armed themselves with a chair, a fire extinguisher, and a belt. A belt, really? The direction for this part of the video is to "improvise weapons." The victims would be better served with real weapons, designed for the purpose. As is the case in nearly all mass shootings, the victims were disarmed at the door. All in all, this third bit of advice in the trilogy is presented rather half-heartedly.

I see this video as a "feel good" piece created to assure a complacent society, rather than to empower people to be prepared to defend themselves in a serious life threatening situation. I found the statement that "occasionally life feels more like an action movie than reality" to be indicative of the denial practiced by so many people. The possibility of mass shooting, especially in a "gun free zone," is indeed rare, but still very, very real. And if it does happen, you will most likely be on your own. Only in the movies do the good guys arrive in time to help.

I admit the video may serve to make some people think about knowing where the exits are and the need to escape, but in my opinion it's really more about pushing the dangerous mindset that says waiting for the authorities is the way to save your life. The video is a subtle indoctrination from the government that we should sit idly by and wait for "the state" to arrive and protect us, like good subjects.

If anything the video should make you think. You have to ask yourself, are you prepared to protect yourself if you were to find yourself in a life threatening situation? Are you willing to wait around and hope someone else comes to help you instead?

H/T for video link to Proud Hillbilly.


  1. This is rather ridiculous and hypocritical. Improvise weapons. How about have one that will do you any good? I don't like their plan. I like mine better. Cover, concealment, shoot and move.

  2. During my once a week trip into the office in MD I have noticed that I am the end of the row with no place to go. At least the crippled old lady isn't one of the security guards anymore...

  3. America has become a nation of spineless wimps who are more concerned over "acceptance of all things" rather than taking any form of affirmative actions. As sheeple, citizens would rather just feel all warm and fuzzy that somehow things will work out. Hope is NOT a strategy people!

    The so called authorities are nothing more than post incident responders.

  4. 45er, good plan. It's the one I keep in mind too.

    PH, I avoid MD as much as possible. We too have an office there, and I have family I don't see as often as I like due to the state's compliance with the bad guys.

    Ron, it is indeed a sad state of affairs that we are conditioned to go along, cooperate with evil people and hope we are okay.

  5. I love how they say weapons are bad and then want you to use a "harmless" everyday item as a they even listen to themselves?

  6. "do they even listen to themselves?"

    Ha! That's the question of the day. Unfortunately many of our countrymen do "listen" to that nonsense.


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