Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bright Colors!

"It's a dreary day so I got out the colorful targets." That was Colleen's announcement as we began our afternoon lunch break at the range. Indeed the weather was dreary, gray and wet. But rain has never stopped us from enjoying the range.

It was a day for testing and trying out new ammo, and even a new gun. Checkered Flag brought down a recently acquired Taurus .38 Special. It was a lot of fun to shoot that snappy little revolver. The main goal of the day was to check out a bunch of new ammo purchases. Like many shooters, I have my favorite ammo, but given the current shortages, I've been picking up different brands; whatever I could find at a (comparatively) reasonable price. I had four different 9mm I needed to check out. Colleen also was trying out a new .45 ACP range round. I was pleased that all the ammo shot without issues. That means I can save my favorite rounds for those spring USPSA matches.

We ended up wet and cold, but we left the range with smiles. At least there were no crowds to deal with!

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