Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, The Absurdity

It's no secret our nation has been infested with a population segment that abhors personal responsibility. They blame others for their failures, and they allow, and even expect, the State to make basic life decisions for them, such as what and how much they choose eat and drink. The absurdity of blaming others for one's own failure and lack of self control reaches a new level with a lawsuit by a group of Idaho criminals.
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Five inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution have filed a lawsuit against national beer and wine companies, alleging that alcohol led to their crimes and that they should have been warned alcohol can be addictive. 
The U.S. District Court confirmed that a civil suit was filed Dec. 10 by inmates Keith Allen Brown, and co-plaintiffs Jeremy Joseph Brown, Cory Alan Baugh, Woodrow John Grant and Steven Todd Thompson. 
The inmates claim that the beer companies should have warned consumers that the alcohol they sell is habit forming and addictive.

See "Inmates sue beer companies, want $1 billion in damages" for more on the idiots in Idaho.

Yea, hearing the bleating of the sheep often makes me feel like this. 

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