Monday, December 22, 2014

Elite Shooting Sports

Our son had a swim meet in Manassas on Saturday, which gave me the much-anticipated opportunity to make a visit to Elite Shooting Sports. After dropping off my car load of swimmers at the pool, I drove over to the new state-of-the-art indoor range. Since it was a Saturday morning, I didn't know what the crowds would be like, but it's a big place so I figured there'd be a good chance of getting a lane.

My first stop was the reception desk to complete the initial registration and waivers. Everyone is also required to watch a short safety and orientation video. That completed, I headed over to the sales counter with my new membership card to get a shooting lane. Immediately upon entering the range area I was impressed by the well-lit, temperature controlled, and clean shooting area. I was also struck by just how quiet it was, despite being in active use. The spacious area, modern soundproofing, and thick dividers between each lane all contribute to noise reduction. Each shooting lane features an electronically controlled target system. There is even the option to have your target turn at timed intervals.

Elite Shooting Sports has two 25-yard 12 lane ranges, one 50-yard 10 lane range and a 100-yard 8 lane range. That's 42 shooting lanes! With that many shooting areas, even on this Saturday morning there was no wait to shoot. There is also a shoot house and simulator range available. The range sells targets and ammunition, as well as some shooting-related gear. The facility has classrooms, lounges and even a cafĂ©. In a very nice touch, right at the exit from the shooting ranges, there are even sinks where you can wash your hands after shooting.

The amazing facilities aside, I was very impressed by the professional atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. Elite provides a classy place to shoot, but without pretentiousness. Shooters are expected to be safe and well-behaved, and likewise are treated as mature, responsible people. There are no silly signs directing you disarm before entering the building. Of course no gun handling is allowed outside the ranges, but this also means there aren't folks sitting in their cars in the parking lot trying to unload their weapons either. As opposed to many shooting ranges, indoor and outdoor, drawing from the holster is allowed at Elite. Rifles and shotguns are also permitted.

I had a great time during my short visit to Elite Shooting Sports. I only used the 25 yard range this time. I'm looking forward to returning soon and taking advantage of the longer ranges, and bringing along my rifle, and maybe even a shotgun. It's an awesome facility. I am definitely planning to get in some practice drawing from the holster against the timed targets. It's probably a good thing this new range is an hour plus drive from my home, or I'd be spending way too much time, and money, enjoying the facilities.


  1. Very impressive facilities. And at $35/month for membership? With $5/month extra per additional family member, that is VERY reasonable.

    The indoor range near me, while a nice facility, is $42/month ($20/month for each additional family member) and isn't even a third the size, with only two 25-yard ranges - no 50 or 100 yard and no shoot house.

    I'm jealous!!

    1. Indeed, it's an impressive place. The closest indoor range to me is not anywhere this nice either. At least Elite is doable on occasion.

  2. It took a while, but I finally found one thing to “knock” at Elite. The in booth lighting is sub par, and by that I mean below average. Compared to Blue Ridge Arsenal or NRA HQ for example. The overall range lightning, and target lighting is great, but, there is very little light within the booth, for picking up the front sight and any administrative tasks. The rifle range seems to be a little better in this regard. Hopefully this new place will take some of the “overcrowding” heat off of all the other local ranges, especially on holidays, weekends and the week after a gun show.

    Otherwise I agree, Elite is a great place.

    1. That's an interesting observation. When I came home from Elite I told my wife I couldn't get a sharp focus on the sights. I blamed it on the Rx in my glasses needing an update. At the outdoor range yesterday, it didn't seem as bad, but I always do better in bright light. I'll pay more attention to the light level next time I go. Compared to the Indoor Range in Stafford, the light level at Elite is solar power! That said, if enough people mention it as an issue, perhaps they'll make adjustments as needed.


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