Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So Close, Yet So Far

I made a last minute, and short, trip out to the Denver area this week. When I used to travel to Denver regularly, I made a point to visit local craft beer stops. Unfortunately, there was little time for "sightseeing." As I looked out my hotel window in Longmont in the morning, I was greeted with this sight...

Yes, that's the Oskar Blues silo across the way. Due to the highway and landscape, it's not as close as it looks; it's certainly not a direct walk. In fact, my local co-workers laughed knowingly when I mentioned the location. I did enjoy a pint of Oskar Blues Pinner Session IPA the previous evening at the Yard House in downtown Denver. It was quite tasty.

Just to rub it in, as we left the hotel for the morning's meetings, I was treated to this view from the other side, with my hotel in the background. I need to plan these trips better.


  1. But you are obviously clear on your priorities.

    1. Gotta pay the bills to pay for the beer. And the ammo.


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