Saturday, May 28, 2016

Decisions, decisions...

Finally, the weather is pleasant, the sun is shining and the grill will be fired up shortly. But first, what's on tap tonight? To answer that question, Colleen and I headed over to Maltese Brewing to pick up a growler fill. Of course, we had to first do some research to decide what to get for the evening.

We opted to try pints of Raspberry Wheat and Pineapple IPA. The Pineapple IPA a regular at Maltese, and may be their most popular beer; it's one of my favorites. The Raspberry Wheat is a newer offering and brewed with fresh raspberries, which give the beer just hint of tartness. The fruit flavor is mild and combined with the wheat base, it's a very refreshing and flavorful beer. But then again, I really do like that Pineapple IPA...

And now, the fire pit is prepped for an evening fire, and a growler of Raspberry Wheat awaits.

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