Friday, May 20, 2016

Range Trip: Fun with AR-15's

On Thursday afternoon, I joined Colleen, our son, and "Checkered Flag" at the range for some AR-15 time. Those three had gone over earlier, while I remained at home for work-related calls. Fortunately I arrived in time to join in the fun exercise for the day — setting a bunch of shotgun clays on the berm, and shooting them as a group, in a bit of a friendly duel. Our son was delighting in hitting the clays more quickly than the rest of us. Colleen caught him looking to see where I was preparing to shoot at the start.

I hit my fair share, but more than once I found myself sighting in and then seeing the clay disappear before I pulled the trigger. Youngsters and their good eyes!

Our son was shooting the AR he built last weekend. (Proud dad alert.) Parts have been arriving at the house over the past few months, and he put it together as soon as he got home from college. I expect we'll be having a lot more fun with the rifles over his summer break.

Of course, if he keeps showing up his old man, I'll let him buy the next case of ammo, and the clays.

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