Friday, August 5, 2016

Range Trip: I Needed That

I've not had a lot of time to blog do anything interesting recently, which may be obvious from the lack of posting. I am not sure how much that will change much in coming weeks. However, I do have some shooting matches on the schedule, so there's that. For that reason, an impromptu range trip this week was most welcome. I was at work when the text from Checkered Flag came in, "Will shooting fit?" Well, twist my arm.

I finished up at work, and since I already had most of the range gear in the car, from an unfulfilled plan to shoot earlier in the week, Colleen, CF, and I were soon at the range. Keeping within the local range rules, most of our shooting was slow(ish) fire while standing still. We did get in some practice shooting on the move, as well as SHO and WHO, which I try to do each time I hit the range.

Near the end of our time, and ammo, we were shooting at 15-17 yards, and using the 5.5" splatter targets to help see our hits. I was hitting the target, but often just barely, and not in any good groups. Chalking some of that up to being tired after an hour of steady shooting, I started taking my shots a bit faster, spending less time staring at the sight alignment. Suddenly I started seeing yellow splats appear in the center of the target. Isn't that interesting, I thought.

For an August afternoon in Virginia, the 77° temp was also a welcome treat and made for a pleasant time. Soon we were home, enjoying some good beer and ranting about democrats and apostates, which aren't always mutually exclusive. Colleen cooked up a fantastic dinner featuring some flavorful filet mignon done just right. It was indeed a wonderful evening and a great way to relax after a busy day.

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