Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stand Ready

For weeks we've been seeing the result of open borders and allowing non-vetted "refugees" into Germany and France. In the United States, we've seen numerous attacks tied to "lone wolf" muslim terrorists. This morning we wake up to the horrific news that islamists have attacked a Catholic church in France during Holy Mass, and martyred Fr. Jacques Hamel by slitting his throat.

But, it can't happen here we are told, again and again. Strangely enough, these same apologists for terror never tell us why it can't happen here. Rest assured, it can, and it will happen here. The followers of islam are coming for Christians. They always come for the Christians.

Tomorrow the Church remembers Sts. Natalia, Aurelius, Liliosa, Felix, and George, all martyrs of islam who suffered at Cordova in Spain under the Caliph Abderrahman II, A.D. 852. May these Saints welcome Fr. Jacques to his final Glory.

For my Virginia readers, I will remind you of the Virginia statute which vaguely states that carrying a weapon "without good and sufficient reason" in a church is not lawful. I will also remind you that former Virginia Attorney Cuccinelli opined that "carrying a weapon for personal protection constitutes a good and sufficient reason under the statute to carry a weapon into a place of worship while a meeting for religious purposes is being held there."

Will you be ready? The choice is yours.

Father Jacques, priest and martyr, pray for us.


  1. Our last pastor set it up with the Knights that there would always be at least 3 of them carrying at each Mass. And then there's a bunch of us that carry without being part of that agreement.

    1. We need more like this please. At our parish... let's just say, we're well-protected. ;-)

    2. Just my prayer group could take over a small third world country... We don't live by the sword, but we don't see any reason to volunteer to die by it either.

  2. I won't comment on the Virginia law, but I know that our carry law here prohibits concealed carry in a church without permission of pastor. It also prohibits carrying in a school zone or a bar.

    Of interest, one of our neighboring states, which is much more "liberal" than ours, recognizes our permits but allows concealed carry in more places, or at least, I think, allows concealed carry in a bar (if I understand it correctly, I'm not venturing an opinion that's researched for relying on by any means.

    Anyhow, following this horrific terrorist act, as with most of the recent terrorist strikes, I posed myself, with my opinions offered here: http://lexanteinternet.blogspot.com/2016/07/you-may-not-be-interested-in-war-but.html

    1. Technically, there are no bars in Virginia, just restaurants that serve alcohol. We have been allowed to conceal carry in places that serve alcohol, as long as we don't consume, since 2010. Oddly enough, there has been no "blood in the streets."

      Interestingly, one can consume alcohol in a restaurant if you are open carrying (but not "under the influence.") Which led to the "Virginia tuck" of exposing the gun when entering such an establishment. I remember needing to uncover my firearm when picking up pizza to go.

      Great post, BTW.

    2. Here there are bars and then there are restaurants that have serve alcohol. Oddly, you can carry concealed in restaurants that serve alcohol. And you can drink in them while carrying concealed. You can't carry concealed in a bar, even if you aren't drinking.

  3. This is a bit off topic...just moved into central VA, after about 10 years overseas, and need to get some refresher training so that I am proficient enough to carry in reasonable fashion. Any suggestions? Also, I saw the IPSA post earlier... I'd love to get involved there as well, since competition is great training, not to mention good fun.


    1. Welcome to VA. For conceal carry related training we highly recommend FPF Training (http://www.fpftraining.com). Check them out.

      For fun competition opportunities, there are lots of options listed on the
      Shooting, Freedom, & Faith tab above. Hope to see you around.


  4. Yeah, that worked for Dylan Rooff.


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