Friday, January 13, 2017

First Range Trip of the Year

It’s not been from lack trying, but I just haven’t been able to get to a range in over two weeks. Inclement weather last weekend caused the cancellation of a match I had planned to attend. Hoping for a quick escape from the office, I’ve been blocking out an occasional lunch break on my calendar, in theory to avoid anyone scheduling something for me. Then I find the rest of the day filled up and I need that blocked time for other work. Oh well, one must pay the bills, and pay for the bullets.

Global warming was in full effect for a couple days this week, so it was unfortunate there was no time for a visit to the outdoor range. I did manage to get out for a quick “lunch break” this week and hit the local indoor range. This was more “recreational time” than any organized “training.” I stuck the target out around eight yards, and simply spent the time pulling the trigger. I shot for about 30 minutes, putting 150 rounds down range.

Aaargh! That flyer. 😠

It was simply good, relaxing fun. As an unrepentant multi-tasker, who works through lunch most days, I look forward to some time behind the gun, where I concentrate on one and only one task, to the exclusion of other concerns. Now I’ve entered a couple of “reserved time” entries in my calendar for next week. Maybe one of them will stick...

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