Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Solitary Range Time

Much of my outdoor range time is spent shooting alone. That's not the case for the indoor range, where it's generally busy and I often find myself distracted by the antics of other shooters. However, I got to spend most of my 30 minutes at the indoor range this week as the sole shooter. There was somebody finishing up as I loaded mags, and then there was no one shooting until I was just about done. Perfect.

I brought out the S&W Shield this week. I plan to shoot it in a BUG match this weekend and wanted to get a bit of practice with it, using the 7-round mags. IDPA just updated, again, the BUG gun size limits and the 8-round mags, with the extra finger room, are no longer legal. (And of course, I just bought extra 8-round mags last month.)

The front sight on this gun is noticeably shifted to the right so I worked to compensate for that, with some success. I'll need to get that fixed at some point. (The range proprietor related that he's seen a lot of new Smith & Wesson guns come in with poorly installed sights. What's up with that?)

It was a fun and very quick outing. I had a nice refresher on the gun and look forward to shooting it this weekend. I hope the targets are close.

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