Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For Valentine's Day

It's a stereotype we've all heard. Husbands who have to sneak beer into the house. Or they devise a plan for surreptitiously acquiring a new gun. I shake my head in amazement, and disgust, when I see guys bragging online about about "fooling" their wives by hiding a new gun purchase. (Hint, she's probably smarter than that.)

I've long gotten a kick during such discussions by reminding folks that I don't have to sneak around, that my wife knows and appreciates good beer. And she shoots too! Shooting and beer, in the right order, make for some of our favorite date activities. I love the incredulous looks when someone asks Colleen for her feelings on "my" interests in craft beer or shooting and they find out that she can hold her own in both of those areas as well. And I especially enjoy a chuckle at the ones who are a little bit intimidated by that!

That's my valentine! She's a great wife and a loving mother. And my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day Colleen!

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