Sunday, February 25, 2018

NRA: Now More Than Ever

The basic human right to self defense and the Constitution are under attack. This assault on millions of innocent and responsible gun owners is being waged by the ignorant, the sentimental, and the willfully ignorant. Facts are anathema to those crying #BoycottNRA.

If any right can be limited, they all can be. History has proven it repeatedly. If you aren't a member of the NRA, now is the time to join.

Yes, I know some may disagree with the National Rifle Association's stance on certain matters on occasion, and that's your right. But ask yourself, is that disagreement really a hill you are prepared to die on?


  1. Yes - I renewed my membership a couple days ago. I'd be curious as to how this impacts their membership rolls.

    1. #BoycottNRA might be actually helping sell memberships! Shades of #BoycottChicfilA.

      I sure as heck didn't join for a rental car discount.


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